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The beach of Agio Faraggo

Agio Farago is one of the most spectacular beaches of Heraklion Perfecture and it is definately worth to visit: it is located at the exit of the gorge carrying the same name, surrounded by imposing cliffs, has small pebbles, sand and crystal emerald green waters.

In order to get to this beautiful beach you will have to walk through the gorge -an experience not to be missed: vertical cliffs, caves and the small church of Agios Antonios (St. Anthony) where you will find a well with potable water - just a couple of hundred meters before you reach the beach.

Don't forget to bring food and drinks with you and keep in mind that the beach is ideal for free camping.


Agiofarago is located around 80 km south of Heraklion.

Follow the route: Heraklion-Moires-Sivas-Monastery of Odigitria. Pass Moires and turn to the left for Sivas, following the signs to Sivas and the Monastery of Odigitria.

When you get to the monastery you will see the truck road leading to Agiofarago. Follow the truck road for about 6 km (drive carefully). Leave your car at the end of the truck road (there is space).

From that point it will take you 20-30 mins to walk to the beach through the gorge.